I have had a diverse group of community members encourage me to get further involved by running for The Kyrene School Board.  This is a non partisan position and I have a wide base of support.  I am well respected amongst my community and have been a tireless advocate for children.

Co Chairpersons- Patti Agnew, Tami Butcher

Previously Endorsed by:  The Arizona Republic                          Kyrene Education Association

• John McComish • Sal DiCiccioOnnie Shekerjian • Shana EllisMark MitchellMichelle Hirsch

Kari & Paul Yatkowski                                         Delores Martin

Brooke Corely-Essex                                           Patty & Scott Agnew

Randy and Sue Wood                                          Diana & Jack Keller

Alyssa & Dr. Marc Dinowitz                                  Jodi & Al Stoken

Vinny & Gina Mirizio                                            Liz Burroughs

Jack & Kerry Fetherston                                      Doreen Garlid

Audrey & Darin Sigrist                                         Kim & Joe Cecere

Lisa Campbell                                                    Lori & Kerry Welty

Rosalie Lopez Hirano                                               Tracy Tartaglio

Pam & Brad Wendt                                              Karen & Don Johnston

Susie Woods                                                      Tracy Oliver

Mary Axelsen                                                     Victoria Lopez

Becky & Bill Ottinger